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Upgrade Alert: 07-21-2014 8:24AM EST US

The TrainFinder Platform is being upgraded to Version 2.0!

If you reach this version of TrainFinder, the upgrade is not complete in your area.

Upgrade Status: Following the NMRA National Convention in Cleveland Ohio, we began the TrainFinder 2.0 Platform release at 1AM EST 07-21-2014. The new platform contains nearly two dozen internet domains, like www.trainstores.com, www.trainclubs.com (and many more). Due to the distributed nature of the Internet, many of these domains may not be visible in your area for 24-72 hours. Therefore, for a short period of time, you may see limited functionality, cross domain broken links, and even some portions of the platform (domains) not available or pointing to old versions of TrainFinder. We apologize for any confusion. You should see increased consistency, and the full platform in place within 72 hours. Please contact us at info@trainfinder.com if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you on the new platform! Thank You - The TrainFinder Staff.

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Welcome to TrainManufacturers.com

Train Manufacturers are coming to TrainFinder Online. We are compiling a list of train manufacturers and will be adding this site to the TrainFinder Online family of sites soon. Check back soon for this great new section.

If you would like to see a specific manufacturer listed here, please email support@trainfinder.com with your request.

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3rd Rail (3) American Flyer (9) Bowser (1)
Crown Models (2) K-line (8) LGB (1)
Life-Like (2) Lionel (1156) Other (35)
Rail King (1) S-Helper Service (1) Weaver (1)

Featured Toy Trains by CategoryAll Toy Trains
CenterSMOKE PELLET MINT CAR (2013 colors) - just like the old daysSpecialized Cars (123)
Center#720 EARLY BOXED REMOTE SWITCHES (pair)Track and Switches (3)
Center#947 NORTHERN PACIFIC BOX CAR Freight Cars (6)
CenterSET#30743 OLE SMOKEY SCARCECollector Sets (24)
Center1955 BOXED SET " NEW ARROW PASSENGER SET "Passenger Sets (12)
Center4020 LCAC Box CarBox Cars (285)
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